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“There’s power in the medium of quilting. It takes that which is torn apart and brings it into
a newly formed wholeness that can convey beauty and depth that is powerful and transformative.”

Rev. Dr. David Long-Higgins, Conference Minister, Heartland Conference

Photo courtesy of St. Paul's School


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In churches, schools, and other institutions, these quilts have proven to be an effective tool for provoking transformative conversations about race and racism in the United States.

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Photo courtesy of St. Paul's School

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Bless these quilts, O Lord,

The work of human hands.

Give them life.

Each stitch, O Lord

Carries the intention of our hearts.

Give them breath.

Breathe life into their purpose, Lord.

Fill them full with our desire for justice.

For if they breathe

they will speak,

Telling their story of pain,

That we might be rescued by love

And together, heal.

Rev. Mark Koyama

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